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Our goal at All Metal Customs in Corona, California has not changed: to provide the highest customer service while keeping your vehicle in top conditions. Because we have great respect for you and your wheels, it rests assured that every experience will be a rewarding one.

We repair damaged wheels, like bent wheels, curb rash, and some defects, we also do metal polishing like parts made out of aluminum to a mirror finish.

Our Mission

With our lengthy experience in the industry, we aim to show customers that we are able to meet all their requirements when it comes to metal polishing, wheel repair, and powder coating. 

Wheel Specialists Are on the Job

Are your wheels lacking shine and turning heads with dirt and grime? Do they have bent rims? Or you have just hit a curb? If you suffer from any of these, you need a wheel reconditioning from AMC Wheel Repair Service.

Our wheel repair and refurbishing service is a cost-effective alternative to buying new wheels. We have the expertise to fix your damaged wheels and can recondition your wheel in as little as 24 hours.

AMC Wheel Repair Service can make your wheels look like brand new. We have several years of experience refinishing mobile wheels for a wide range of customers. Our talented technicians have undergone years of training to offer the highest quality repairs using the best techniques and materials in line with industry standards. With our dedication to service, we can restore your wheel to OEM specifications.

Wheels are known to endure a great amount of force. Even their exposure to the outside elements can do a great deal of damage. It is therefore important to keep your wheels in top conditions at all time, as they are an essential feature of your vehicle. Whether you need to repair your bent wheel or refinish them, AMC Wheel Repair Service is here to help.

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